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The #1 Tile Roofing Company in Phoenix, AZ

Roof tiles provide a beautiful, durable, and safe covering for homes. Tile enhances the exterior of any home or business and is available in a variety of colors and styles. Most tiles are virtually maintenance-free, and they are structurally superior to other traditional roofing materials.

Benefits Of Tile Roofing

  • It creates instant curb appeal for any structure with its distinctive appearance.
  • The tiles are resistant to pests, do not rot in wet climates, and are not damaged by heat or sunlight.
  • A Class A fire rating means tiles are completely non-combustible.
  • A tile roof allows air to circulate under the tile, reducing heat transfer to attics.
  • Ceramic tiles are eco-friendly.
Tile Roofing Phoenix Az

Almost all tile is fire-rated Class A, the highest fire-resistance rating. In today’s market, tile roofs are arguably the most cost-effective material choice for steep-slope roofs. They are also environmentally friendly. Concrete or clay is manufactured from basic raw materials such as sand, clay, cement, and water.

A roof made of any other material will not have the same look like a tile roof. A tile roof offers literally hundreds of color choices that make it the preferred choice in Phoenix over shingles and wood cedar products.

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