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Preparing Your Roof For Storm Season in Arizona

preparing your roof for storm season

Storm season in Arizona has officially started, and this means it’s time to check on your roof. During storms wind speeds can reach 70-100 mph. If your roof is already having some issues, this can lead to major issues as it can wreak havoc on an unprepared home. Don’t know what to look for? Give Arizona Roof Doctors a call today and we’ll come out and give your home a thorough inspection and let you know how ready your roof is to handle severe storms. Contact us at (602) 892-9885 to schedule an appointment. 

What to look for to prepare your roof for storm season in Arizona

First thing to check is for any damage to the roof that you can see. Begin by looking for discoloration, warping, or curling of shingles. When there is even minor damage to your roof, you may end up seeing bits of shingles in your grass or small deposits of shingle granules around the bases of your downspouts. This is a major indicator that you have damage on your roof. If your roof is cracking, chipping and deteriorating, this can speed up the process of needing to replace the roof. The damage will begin to spread during storm season in Arizona. 

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Roof Issues Before Storm Season in Arizona

Insurance companies in Arizona will actually require and pay for temporary tarps to be placed on the roof to prevent any further damage to your home. This is part of the damage mitigation process any reputable contract will get done during the negotiations with the insurance providers.

Damage to your roof during a storm is considered an “act of god”. Which means it is no fault of your own and the insurance policy states it will cover the costs. This is due to the fact that there is nothing you can do to stop a storm from hitting your home. So after a severe storm it’s a good idea to begin the negotiations with them as soon as possible. 

What Can I Do To Lower The Risk Of Roof Damage in Arizona Before Storm Season?

It’s important to be prepared during storm season in Arizona to avoid the headache of dealing with roof damage. There are a few things you can do to help protect your roof. This includes cleaning your gutters. Your gutter system helps with drainage. If they are clogged it can begin pooling water and increasing the risk of damage. Another way to protect your roof is by trimming trees on your property. It is possible for branches to break off and land on the roof, increasing the chances of damage. If you have the trees trimmed then this becomes less likely. Most important step of all is to give your roof a good inspection. This is where Roof Doctors can help in your prep process. We can send a certified professional to inspect your roof for any damage before a storm hits. We’ll know how to spot issues the average person may not notice. Give us a call today at (602) 892-9885 to schedule a free roof inspection today!