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The #1 Shake Roofs Company in Phoenix, AZ

In the hundreds of years that cedar has been used, the product has remained unchanged…it’s still cedar!

Benefits Of Shake Roofs

  • The rich, thick, natural beauty of cedarwood.
  • Wind and impact resistant.
  • Naturally resistant to decay.
  • Moth repellent.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Weather-resistant.
Shake Roofs Phoenix Az

Roofing and building materials have long been made of cedar shakes and shingles. In all types of weather and climates, cedar shakes and shingles have proven their durability, and survive even in the face of snow, drought, and monsoons.

Cedarwood is naturally decay-resistant because it contains oils. Cedar’s insulation properties, its aesthetic appeal, and its wind and impact resistance make it an ideal roofing material.

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