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The #1 Metal Roofing Company in Phoenix, AZ

We are capable of manufacturing, in-house, a large variety of ornamental and decorative elements including historic metal roofing, copper finials, cornices, and more. 

Benefits Of Metal Roofing

  • A wide selection of materials and colors. 
  • Endless creative possibilities. 
  • Exceptional durability. 
  • Low maintenance requirements. 
  • Exceptional insulation value increases energy efficiency. 
Metal Roofing Phoenix Az

Standing seam metal roof installation is a specialty of Roof Doctors in Phoenix and beyond. It’s common to see metal roofs on both residential and commercial buildings, either architectural metal roofs or structural metal roofs.

The Roof Doctors Home Improvements follows a rigorous installation process, ensuring that your new roof will last for many years to come and look great. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the benefits of residential or commercial metal roofing.

Locally Owned & Operated
Licensed & Certified
25+ Years of Experience
Award Winning for Safety
A+ Rated Roofing Company

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