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Its cost-efficiency and reliability are the primary reasons why most businesses choose spray foam roofing. There are several modern buildings that use SPF insulation, including industrial plants, government buildings, banks, hospitals, and universities. In addition to serving as excellent insulation, the roofing should last for the life of the building.

Benefits Of Foam and Coating Roofs

  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Chemically Stable.
  • Less Thermal Shock.
  • Great Versatility.
  • Rigid.
Foam and Coating Phoenix Az

The term “SPF” stands for “spray polyurethane foam.” An insulating foam spray is applied to an existing roof, and then it expands.
Spray foam roofing, unlike regular insulation, has no seams that can fail, making it waterproof with a true thermal seal.

Additionally, it requires little maintenance and is extremely durable. You can expect your spray foam roofing to last as long as your building so long as you inspect the area twice a year and re-seal it once every twenty years!

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