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We’re Here to Help With Your Allstate Roof Replacement Claim in Arizona

Roof Doctors Services the Phoenix metro area and surrounding cities. We can help with your Allstate roof replacement insurance claim! If you live outside the valley give us a call.

How To Get Your Allstate Home Owners Insurance To Pay For Your Roof Replacement

Getting roof replacement can be a big project, this is why home owners insurance companies like Allstate are there to help! Many roofing contractors are great at what they do, however when it comes to working with your Allstate insurance as a homeowner often times you are on your own to figure out the process and usually are granted only repairs with no line of defense. Rood Doctors has a streamlined proven process to assist homeowners with the added stress of dealing with your Allstate insurance to ensure the entire project is paid for without the headache, ask us how!

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How do I File a Allstate Homeowners Insurance Claim in Arizona?

To get your roof covered it’s best to report your claim as soon as possible. You’ll have a few options including filing online or calling them at 800-ALLSTATE (800-255-57828).

They also now offer the ability to file your claim on the Allstate mobile app. The best thing to do is to get in contact as soon as possible. You’ll want to get an estimate done on your roof to see the amount of damage and the amount of work that will be required to repair the roof. This is where Roof Doctors can help. We can even help with the negotiations with your claim. We’ll help figure out what the labor charges will be, work specifications, the time it will take, what permits will be required and warranty details. Give us a call today to get started!

Allstate Home Owners Insurance Claims in AZ

Does Allstate Home Owners Insurance Cover A Roof Replacement In Arizona?

Most homeowners don’t realize that a new roof is covered by Allstate insurance. As roofing professionals we will walk you through the process in a simplified way and ensure your project is paid in full by your insurance provider.

The first step to this process is the most important, it starts with an inspection of the area to be certain that the issue you are experiencing would qualify as an insurance claim.

To get more information about our roofing insurance claim process give us a call, a member of our team is happy to help.

Will Allstate pay for a new roof?

In many cases Allstate’s policy indicates that they will cover costs for replacement of your roof when water-shedding ability or its life expectancy is reduced. You will have to check your policy agreement for more details to know if your roof can be covered.

How to get Allstate to pay for a new roof.

To file a claim with Allstate, you’ll need to contact them by phone or contact them online. Depending on your location you may visit a local office to begin the process.

How Will Allstate determine roof damage?

An adjuster from Allstate will inspect the roof and determine whether it will need a replacement based on the amount of blows caused by a storm.They will also determine if it needs repairs or a full replacement.

What will the Allstate adjuster look on the roof?

Once your Allstate adjuster shows up, they will look for any signs of leaks, peeling from under the roof eaves, buckling or curling, rusted or damaged flashing, and they will also look for any rot. Any of these signs appearing means damage is present.

Get A Free Roof Replacement Quote Today!

If you have Allstate Home Owners insurance and your roof has damage give us a call and get a free roof replacement quote today. Our experts will help you get the best roof replacement insurances will allow and make sure that your new roof is built for any Arizona weather condition. All our roofs come with a warranty and free inspection because we want to earn your business.

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